A Way Too Early Gratuitous "Told You So"

I'm doing this because by Monday I have a very good chance of looking silly.

Okay, so to start with, as soon as the Colt's announced AR's name, I was on board. I wasn't really ready to hand him the reigns, but as far as hunks of clay go, he's a helluva hunk.

There was a lot of speculation, prior to the draft, on the route that the Colts would go. Move up to get your first choice, stand pat and take the best available, or in a few instances, trade back and add at other positions. Most that were touting that strategy wanted Hooker to be the guy. My choice was DTR. It was not like I had an expansive detailed reason why, but mostly because I watched his bowl game and thought he showed well.

Sunday, that guy is going to get the keys to a team that really just needs the QB not to screw up too bad. By too bad, I mean as bad as DTR screwed up in his only other appearance. So, in anticipation of DTR actually playing well for the rest of the season, I'm here to thump my chest and say "That's the guy!", until a time where I get to see "That didn't age well", which honestly could happen by Sunday afternoon.

Colts are off, so anything to get excited about will have to do...At least for a week.

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