Results from an anonymous poll of NFL players

The Athletic conducted an anonymous poll of 85 NFL players, asking a variety of questions, including worst fan base (Eagles and Cowboys, of course), best and worst stadium to play in, opinions on the quality of officiating, etc.

While Lucas Oil was not mentioned in either the best or the worst lists of stadia, two Colts did make other lists.

Zaire Franklin tied for 7th place for best trash-talker. His 2.9% equates to 2.5 votes.

Kenny Moore II got 2nd place for most under-rated, after Tee Higgins. His 4.1% equates to 3.5 votes. Zaire and Zach Moss also got one vote apiece in this category.

Gus Bradley did get one vote for Coach you'd most like to play for.

And we got one vote for Most Annoying Fan Base (they haven't met Victor, apparently).

You can see the full results here (may be behind a paywall, or maybe you know a work-around.)

The Athletic Anonymous NFL Player Poll 2023

Don't you wish you could hear a montage of Zaire's trash talk? Mic that man up!

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