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Colts fans: Drop us your record predictions for the post-bye games.

The Colts are embarking on the second half of the season. Let us know how you think they end up.

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots Photo by Ralf Ibing - firo sportphoto/Getty Images

The 2023 season for the Indianapolis Colts starts now. After falling to 3-5, all hope for a postseason push seemed lost. Now, after posting back-to-back wins against the Panthers and Patriots, the Colts are back in the mix. They are currently sitting at ninth in the AFC playoff picture. Let’s take a quick look at how the rest of the season might shake out.

The Colts return home to take on the Buccaneers. This is a pivotal game as both teams are in a position to make a late run. The Buccaneers have struggled as of late after a promising start. I think the rested Colts handle business after the bye and take the win. 1-0.

The Colts head out on the road to take on the Titans and Bengals. Some fans were reconsidering whether the Colts made the wrong choice after watching Will Levis light up the Falcons. He has since fallen back to Earth, and I think the real Levis is here to stay. Two weeks ago, the Bengals game would be a different story. Now that Joe Burrow is out for the season, the choice gets a little harder to make. Look for the Colts to sweep the season series against the Titans but struggle against a Bengals team that still has plenty of playmakers throughout the roster. 2-1.

The Steelers come into town as a team that the Colts have hardly ever beaten. At 6-27, it has to be one of the most dismal records against another team. The Steelers are hardly world beaters, but just like the Browns, the Steelers defense is elite. They will look to pressure Gardner Minshew and turn him over. 2-2.

The Falcons and Raiders are up next on the schedule. Both teams have been hard to pin down. Neither team is good, but they aren’t atrocious either. The quarterback position for both teams has been in flux with the teams making changes mid-season. Do the Colts win both games? Do they lose both? Not sure. My thought is they will go 1-1 in these two matchups. Which game they win and which one they lose? Not sure. You decide. 3-3.

The final game of the year mirrors last year’s contest when the Texans came to town. This Texans team looks a little different, however, with C.J. Stroud taking the NFL by storm. Unfortunately, it looks like the Texans found their franchise quarterback who is going to make life hard for the Colts for years to come. That hardship starts now with the Texans taking the win. 3-4.

At 8-9, I don’t see the Colts making the playoffs. The AFC is a jumbled mess and the Colts will most likely lose to the teams they have to beat the most. What does that record make this season? They will end up with double the wins of 2022. That sounds like a success. They did it without their franchise quarterback. That sounds like a success too. They end up in the middle of the pack, though. Not good enough to make the playoffs, but also, not bad enough for a top draft pick. It is a bad place to be, but it is only truly bad if teams continue to be there year after year. That record would show progress, and progress is a great thing to have for the future