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Checking in on Michael Pittman’s season production by the numbers

With seven games left, let’s take a look at Pittman’s output thus far in his contract year.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been discussed and written regarding Colts fourth-year wideout Michael Pittman, playing in the final season of his rookie contract in 2023.

Is he a true No. 1 wide receiver? Should he be paid like one? Will the Colts re-sign him to a massive deal in 2024?

These are all great questions, but today we’re looking at the cold-hard numbers.

Views on Pittman’s abilities and financial worth certainly vary, but it’s tough to quibble too much over his 2023 on-field production.

Through 10 games, the USC product has compiled 66 receptions (11th in the league) for 677 yards (21st) and three touchdowns. At this rate, Pittman is on track to surpass 1,000 yards receiving for the second time in his career and finish the regular season with approximately 112 catches. A 112-catch year would beat any Reggie Wayne season total and be good for the third highest total in Colts franchise history.

Most Receptions (Season)

143 Marvin Harrison, 2002

115 Marvin Harrison, 1999

**112 Michael Pittman, 2023

111 Reggie Wayne, 2010

**Projected Total

In fairness, we must note that Pittman has 17 games to reach this season total compared to the old 16 game campaigns that Harrison and Wayne played. That fact makes Marvin’s 2002 total of 143 snags - third highest in NFL history - all the more impressive.

Pittman has been reliable and consistent this season as the offense shifted from Anthony Richardson to Gardner Minshew at starting quarterback and juggled various injuries to other offensive starters. He has totaled 8 or more receptions in seven of 10 games.

Looking at the Colts’ remaining seven matchups, Pittman should have a good opportunity to chase down a 110-plus reception season.

Passing Defenses Ranked by Yards Allowed:

Week 12 Tampa Bay - 30th

Week 13 Tennessee - 14th

Week 14 - Cincinnati - 22nd

Week 15 - Pittsburgh - 19th

Week 16 - Atlanta - 7th

Week 17 - Las Vegas - 15th

Week 18 - Houston - 21st

We will see what type of contract awaits Pittman this offseason. In the meantime, the Colts will look for Pittman to finish strong as they pursue a playoff spot.