Looks like Frank Reich has gambled on 4th down for the last time in Carolina

In a surprising move, at least to me, Frank Reich was let go by the Carolina Panthers. The teams record is 1 and 10. But they are rolling with a rookie QB, on a team that wasn’t great last year. Seems like a very short leash for the former Colts head coach.

When I saw this news hit I immediately thought that Frank should have followed his natural instincts on drafting a QB. In the 2023 draft process there were plenty of reports that Reich wouldn’t love a tiny QB like Young. Frank has been on teams, as a player and a coach, where more prototypical QB types had success. Think Kelly, Manning, Wentz, and Luck. I apologize for including Wentz in that group. But he had success with Frankie in Philly.

So, the idea was given Franks history with QB’s he would not sign off on Young. As it turns out, if the rumors were true, Frank should have stuck to his guns. By that I mean, he should have pounded the table for Stroud. As Colt fans we know Frank can pound the table for his QB of choice. See Carson Wentz. I doubt Frank loses his job this soon if Carolina had drafted Stroud. Even AR or Levis would have been a better short term choice, maybe long term too, than Young. So, no more rolling the dice for Frank in Carolina.

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