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Colts’ Kenny Moore II bails out the offense in Carolina behind career day.

Kenny Moore came up huge against the Panthers, and the Colts needed every bit of it.

Indianapolis Colts v Carolina Panthers Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts offense left much to be desired on Sunday against the Panthers. After putting up 13 points in the first half, they proceeded to be shut out in the game’s final two quarters. The team finished with less than 200 total yards of offense and could barely move the ball a foot in the second half against a good but not impossibly good Carolina defense. Enter Kenny Moore II.

Trailing 3-13 late in the second quarter, Bryce Young was looking to cash in on a late drive to put points on the board and draw this one closer by halftime. The Panthers had reached mid-field when Moore stepped in front of Young’s pass and took it the other way for 49 yards. In a game in which the defense appeared to be in total control and was applying solid pressure, it seemed that the interception might be enough to put this one out of reach.

The Colts continued to allow the Panthers to stay within striking distance, however, with their inability to move the ball on offense. With the score at 20-10 and the Panthers sitting at the Colts’ 34 yard line, Young overthrew his intended target on a screen pass in which the ball landed in the arms of Moore. Pulling on his towel wasn’t enough to bring Moore down as he raced the opposite way for 66 yards and his second touchdown of the game.

While Moore was making franchise history, a rough rookie season continued for Young as he continued to have consistent pressure in his face. This pressure helped create better opportunities for Moore to become the second leading receiver on the Panthers regarding touchdown catches on the year.

Ok, so maybe that part was mean, but you get the idea. Kenny Moore had himself a day in front of his family and took advantage of a young struggling quarterback. This is the NFL. It is a rough league. Sunday wasn’t Young’s day, but it was a day Moore and his family will remember forever.