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At the halfway point of the season, names Zack Moss the most improved offensive player

With Jonathan Taylor sidelined Zack Moss thrived, turning a potential Colts’ setback into a showcase of depth and talent in the backfield.

Indianapolis Colts v Carolina Panthers Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

With star back Jonathan Taylor out healing from ankle surgery, Zack Moss turned a potential Colts crisis into a surprising showcase of talent. By Week 10, Moss’s hard-charging style has culminated in over 600 rushing yards, good for second in the NFL, earning Moss recognition as the NFL’s most improved offensive player.

Having two high-caliber running backs is a rare NFL luxury, and the Colts are capitalizing on it. The return of a healthy Taylor doesn’t overshadow Moss’s contributions but instead points to a strategic advantage: Indianapolis can now moderate their backfield’s workload, ensuring longevity and flexibility.

Moss’s emergence is especially crucial in light of rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson’s season-ending injury. The Colts’ reliance on their running game has only intensified, but the dynamic partnership between Moss and Taylor provides an offensive foundation.

The Colts’ O-line, a focus of last season’s criticism, has proven itself by paving the way for two top-notch rushers. This effectiveness upfront not only spotlights the individual talent of Moss and Taylor but also frames the offensive line’s resurgence as a unit.

As Moss and Taylor alternate in the backfield, the pressing question isn’t about who will lead in rushing yards but how their shared efforts can fuel the Colts’ ambitions. Moss’s breakout has even sparked questions in Buffalo, where fans ponder the full value of last year’s trade.

Heading into the season’s second half, the Colts are in a stronger position with a refreshed Taylor and a confident Moss. This tandem’s success highlights the kind of strategic depth NFL franchises yearn for, transforming injury woes into an unanticipated boon.

With Moss and Taylor, Indianapolis and its offense have been one of the more productive units in football. They are keeping any hopes of a playoff berth alive, all while fans toil between a desire to win and a desire to get another difference-maker in the 2024 NFL Draft.