A Quick 3 and Out: Sausage and Sauerkrat

1st Down

New Coaches rankings....

Midway through season how do you rank job and coach?

Jonathan Gannon
Arizona Cardinals

Record: 1-8
Shining Star:
Multiple early draft picks

Organization Success Story:
The team is playing hard for the coach, we seen this with the Lions. Success sometimes isn't wins or loses but the team buying in.

Organization Failure:
The Looming questions about Kyler Murray being the future and not being more active trading before deadline.

Question: Is Marvin Harrison Jr a lock for the Cardinals?

Shane Steichen
Indianapolis Colts

Record: 4-5
Shining Star:
Josh Downs

Organization Success Story:
Zach Moss, once looked at like a throw in during the Hines trade he is a front runner (pun intended) for most improve player.

Organization Failure:
GM decision making.... Whether it was cutting Isaiah Rodgers or the handling of Jonathan Taylor this Off-season was FUBAR. Cutting Rodgers not only weakened a thin secondary but also set the precedent on handling gambling players (all while keeping a guy suspended for jumping a guy allegedly) . This was done to preserve a culture that no longer exists. The Colts had key players like Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman Jr. and Shaq Leonard speak out about being upset with the organization.

Question: How will we protect and build around AR

Sean Payton
Denver Broncos

Record: 3-5
Shining Star:
Patrick Sultan II

Organization Success Story
Beating Kansas City Chiefs

Organization Failure
Media interaction. Sean Payton talking to media about the previous coach, Russell Wilson or comments about sushi/unhappiness has been more explosive than his team. Jerry Jeudy vs Steve Smith and the blow back from that incident.

Question: Who will be the fall guy?

Demarco Ryan
Houston Texans

Record: 4-4
Shining Star:
CJ Stroud

Organization Success Story
The Texans look to have a good to great Foundation (HC, QB, LT and DE)

Organization Failure
The price it took to trade up to the number 3 pick in the 2023 draft

Question: Has CJ Stroud done enough to get his offensive Coordinator a shot at HC.

Frank Reich
Carolina Panthers

Record: 1-7
Shining Star:
The state of the NFC South QBs

Organization Success Story
Bryce Young growth

Organization Failure
Owner vs Coach rumors. These rumors has centered around the QB and leaked discussions/arguments.

Question: Is Frank Reich really on the hot seat

Antonio Pierce
Las Vegas Raiders

Record: 4-5
Shining Star:
Max Crosby

Organization Success Story
No where to go but up. Raiders have routinely been bottom dwellers. Once again after cleaning house they have another shot to change that.

Organization Failure
Paying Jon Gruden and McDaniels to not Coach

Question: Is this Jim Harbaugh chance to step back into the NFL.

2nd Down
Playoffs are good right even the wildcard?

SS still has a chance to take the Colts to the playoffs. This achievement would look great on his resume and help him build his credibility with the team. Young players such as Paye, Odeyingbo, Downs, Piece and more would get a taste of the post season. Most likely a one and done but who knows how well they do in a playoff setting. Playing devil advocate a higher draft pick, rest and rehab may be as beneficial to the organization going forward as well.

3rd Down
Brock Bowers....
If we are out of position for the top 2 WR or DE do we turn our attention to TE?

Anthony Richardson looks up to Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson. Both QBs organizations paired them with some all pro talent at the TE position.

Cam Newton had Greg Olsen

Lamar Jackson has Mark Andrews

The TE room is crowded with no apparent Alpha. This move frees up the organization for trades, cuts and will take pressure off of the WR corp.

Downs similar to Wes Welker with Patriots can still be productive with a ball dominate TE.

But whats a good spot to select him? Guys like Ebron, Noah Fant, OJ Howard and Hayden Hurst has under preformed their draft position. Guys like Evan Engram and David Njoku took a little while to blossom while Kyle Pitts is stuck in Atlanta.
If we are somewhere like 12-20 would you pull the trigger on a TE if you were Ballard?

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