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Remember to “fall back” this Sunday as the Colts have an early start to Week Ten

The Colts are set to kick off bright and early this week from Germany.


Daylight savings time occurred last Sunday and provided us all with a much appreciated extra hour of sleep. The world has a way of balancing itself out however, as Mother Nature and the football gods look to force you to be an early riser this week if you want to catch the Indianapolis Colts take on the Patriots from Frankfurt, Germany. (Ok, well, maybe you can record it, but for all of us who have done away with cable, sleeping in won’t be an option!)

The matchup up kicks off at 9:30 EST from Deutsche Bank Park and marks the first game for the Colts from Germany and just their second international regular season game since 2016 when they took on the Jaguars.

Although both teams are far from home, the Colts will serve as the technical road team in this one. Personally, I always found it beneficial when your team is the “road” team in these matchups. You don’t sacrifice a home game and don’t have to deal with crowd noise like a normal road team does. As you gaze across the stands, there are sure to be a smattering of different team’s jerseys making these contests a hodgepodge of noise directed at no one in particular.

The game is nationally televised on NFL Network, but for local folks in the Indianapolis market, the game will be on Fox59 as well. That is great news as I was personally unsure if I would even have access to the game on television or if I would be forced to watch lines move on my phone to denote the team’s drives.

The only worry left is making sure you get up in time to catch all the action. Don’t get caught sleeping off German imports from the night before so that you end up sleeping through your alarm. Wake up early and have yourself some potato pancakes to celebrate what we all hope will be a great start to our Sunday morning.