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Colts vs. Steelers Week 15 will get national exposure: Jonathan Taylor’s status may be a storyline

The Indianapolis Colts’ Week 15 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers grabs a prime spot on the NFL Network. Depending on the next few weeks, the Colts could be fighting to stay in the running for a Wild Card berth. Jonathan Taylor’s health may grab headlines.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts’ schedule for Week 15 has finally been locked in for Saturday, Dec. 16th. NFL Network has picked up the game, giving the Colts a second opportunity for national exposure. The only other opportunity was an early game played in Germany, and it’s probably good that much of the country was still in bed for that one.

It’s not the first time NFL schedule-makers have snubbed the Colts, leaving them out of any primetime slots. This game will be played at 4:30 PM ET, meaning most of the country will be awake, but barring a playoff run no primetime games are in the cards for the Colts this year. Per usual, NFL Network coverage will be available outside of local markets but those in Indy will still be able to tune in on CBS4.

A key storyline to monitor over the coming games, which could impact the product the Colts put on the field in Week 15, is the status of running back Jonathan Taylor. After missing the start of the season, nursing his way back to full strength after off-season ankle surgery, Taylor has gradually taken over the lion’s share of the carries in the Colts backfield, despite the fact that Zack Moss was highly productive prior to his return. Getting him back would give the Colts their most powerful offensive weapon, and the name fans around the country will recognize. It will also give them a better chance to win.

The Colts have one more “TBD” game on the schedule—a Week 18 rematch with the Houston Texans. Both teams could be in the hunt for a wildcard berth, which could give the Colts another chance at a nationally televised game. It makes the outcomes of the next few weeks all the more important.