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Colts’ Matchups to Watch: Week 13 @Titans

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Gus Bradley vs. Will Levis

This is reportedly Will Levis’ revenge game, and his family bought 60 tickets to the game. Levis reportedly thought he would land with the Colts at 4, instead falling all the way to the second round. Despite having an amazing debut, Levis has fallen off this past three weeks, and the Titans’ offense is sputtering. The Colts’ defense has been trending up recently, and the defensive line is playing really well which works great considering how Levis deals with pressure.

Colts’ IOL vs. Jeffery Simmons

Ryan Kelly could make his return to the starting lineup on Sunday, and that is great news considering the Colts will go up against Jeffery Simmons and Denico Autry. Minshew is similar to Will Levis in that they don’t react well to pressure, either real or perceived, so the interior offensive line will have to be on their best day to make sure the offense runs smoothly.

DeForest Buckner vs. Aaron Brewer

Buckner has been the Colts best player overall this season, and is a top three defensive lineman. He is a force in both the run game and rushing the passer, and even without Grover Stewart to eat up double teams his play has not faltered at all. Such a huge presence will also be key to disrupting Will Levis. Titans’ center Aaron Brewer has been the weak link in the Titans’ line,

Zack Moss vs. Titans’ run defense

Last time the Colts went up against the Titans, even despite Jonathan Taylor’s return to the lineup, it was Zack Moss who stole all the flashes putting up over 150 yards and reaching the endzone twice. This Colts’ offense dances to the rythm of the running game, so Moss having a day similar to the one he had earlier this year would be amazing.

Jaylon Jones vs. DeAndre Hopkins

Mike Evans had two touchdowns last week, and the Colts’ struggles covering opposing #1 receivers continued. Jones had a solid game overall save from a few mistakes, one that resulted in Evans’ second touchdown. The rookie cornerback has been a blessing this season in the face of so many injuries, and he will be called upon against Hopkins, a notorious Colt killer, on Sunday.