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Colts’ Stat of the Game: Week 14 @Bengals

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Colts 3-11 on third downs, rank 32nd in last three games

Third down conversion rate is a solid indicator as to how good an offense is at moving the ball, and the Colts rank dead last in the NFL over the past three games. It is not like they were playing some formidable defenses in those weeks either, so the number is even more worrying. It is not a reason to be worried beyond this year, as with a dual-threat quarterback and Steichen’s creativity I expect the offense to be in the top percentile next season, but for the remaining games the Colts have to find ways to at least reach the league average if their hopes of making the playoffs are serious.

Colts 13 carries for 28 yards against worst run defense

There was a time not long ago when “Run the Damn Ball” used to be the Colts’ mantra. No matter the opponent, no matter what the opposing defense did, the Colts were going to bully the ball on the ground. Those times are long forgotten, and the Colts’ running game stumbled to a new low on Sunday as Zack Moss had just 13 carries for 28 yards against what used to be the NFL’s worst run defense. Steichen needs to do a much better job at adapting his offensive gameplan to what the defense throws at him.

Colts takeaway streak continues, now at 18

The Colts forced turnover streak continued with Ronnie Harrison’s pick-six, a streak that now stands at 18. The second closest active streak is at six, so Gus Bradley’s defense definitely deserves some credit for consistently forcing turnovers. The defense has now 21 takeaways, good for 4th in the NFL.

Pass-rush just 8 pressures, no sacks

The Colts’ pass-rush was getting a ton of praise, especially after a week where they were excellent against Will Levis and the Titans’ offense. Instead of putting up an encore performance, they were easily quieted by a Bengals’ quick-passing game. Paye and Odeyingbo were erased from existence, and Samson Ebukan came back down to reality, and it is clear as day that the Colts still need a guy that can consistently bring pressure from the edge.

Colts still in the 7th AFC playoff spot

Yes, while Sunday’s game was terrible to watch and it left us Colts’ fans without anything to be optimistic about, the fact is that this team is still 7th in the AFC playoff picture, and with a more than favourable remaining schedule this is a team that could very easily bounce back and make it to the dance. Steelers, Falcons, and Raiders are all quite winnable games before a season ending matchup against the Houston Texans at home, so don’t lose your faith on the team yet.