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The Colts have lost eight in a row to the Steelers. That ends on Saturday.

The Colts and Steelers meet for a Saturday matchup with much at stake.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

If there was ever a team that Indianapolis Colts have struggled to beat, it has to be the Pittsburgh Steelers. The current losing streak is at eight games with an equal four on the road and four at home. While some games have been within reach, others have been blowouts. Over the course of the eight game losing streak the Colts have been out scored 153-245. Ouch.

Want to make it worse? Since the Colts became the Indianapolis variety they are an abysmal 3-18. That goes to show that there is some sort of voodoo magic to this whole matchup. The players have changed. The coaches and their schemes have changed. For whatever reason, the Colts can’t seem to beat the Steelers.

Maybe it is a string of bad luck. Go back to the 1995 AFC Championship game in which the hail mary was dropped in the endzone for the win. Look at the 2005 Divisional game that all Colts fans would love to forget. A game in which the Colts fell desperately behind only to watch Nick Harper get shoestring tackled on his way to a sure fumble recovery touchdown. Then the “idot kicker” missed a game tying field goal.

In 2019, the Colts had a chance to win from 43 yards out. The ever reliable Adam Vinatieri missed as he kicked more dirt than ball. How about the Covid year in which the Colts found themselves up 24-7 in the third to watch the Steelers score 21 unanswered? That game cost the Colts a home playoff game.

Forget all of that because the streak ends Saturday. It has to. The Colts cannot lose this game. That is a fact. If they want to maintain pace, Saturday is a must win. This Steelers team isn’t instilling the same type of fear as teams of old did. Yes, the terrible towels will be present as the Steelers have a well traveled fanbase, but this team isn’t afraid of laundry.

The Colts have a coach who will make a difference in this one. They have the better backup and will be playing at home for something. This will be as close to a playoff game as we have seen in a few years. It is time to wipe out the streak and the memories of old. Get back on track, and start a new streak. A streak that has the Colts coming out on top.