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In their quest for the playoffs, the Colts received almost zero help from the NFL this week.

The Colts won on Saturday and based on Sunday’s results, it is good they did.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts took the bull by the horns on Saturday beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in a matchup that had a playoff feel to it. They maintained pace in the AFC playoff picture with the win and were looking for more help from the rest of the NFL. It is the time of year when fans become acutely aware of other games that will impact their own. With the AFC being incredibly crowded, this week’s matchups provided many opportunities to increase their standing. Unfortunately for the Colts, they received almost zero assistance.

The Bengals trailed the Vikings in the fourth quarter and even by a touchdown with a little less than four minutes left in regulation. Their late score pushed the game into overtime in which they scored the game winning field goal. This one hurt on multiple levels as the Bengals are neck and neck with the Colts and own the tie breaker thanks to last week’s results. The late game featured the Broncos at Lions. The Lions jumped out to a large lead that the Broncos were never able to recover from. The red hot Broncos were cooled off in their playoff chase.

The early Sunday games were a disaster for the Colts. The Bears were up 17-7 going into the fourth against the Browns. The Browns rattled off 13 unanswered points including the game winner with 36 seconds. The Bears had a final shot reaching the Brown’s 45, but a final interception ended this one in Cleveland.

The next opportunity came with the C.J. Stroud-less Texans traveling to the Titans. After being crowned “the one to rule them all” after last week’s performance against the Dolphins, Will Levis started strong but struggled there afterwards. Another second half collapse doomed the Colts. The Texans outscored the Titans 13-3 in the second half and put up the three they needed in OT.

The cherry on the sundae was the Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys....oh too soon? They traveled to Buffalo to take on the Bills. After crushing the Eagles last week, this looked as good of any to assist the Colts in their postseason aspirations. Sitting at 31-3 in the fourth quarter, the Bills don’t appear to be going away any time soon.

The last great opportunity for the Colts rest on Sunday Night Football when the Ravens take on the Jaguars. Something that seemed completely out of the question a few weeks ago now sits at the forefront of the minds of Colts’ fans. Although the Jaguars own a sweep of the Colts this year, the division is still in sight. A loss tonight puts the two teams in a bit of a tie. Even though the Jaguars still have the edge, saying that this late in the season is shockingly exciting. Go Ravens!