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‘Twas the night before “Colts-mas”

With the holiday season upon us, let’s have some fun.

NFL: OCT 31 Titans at Colts Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

‘Twas the night before Coltsmas,

When all through Lucas Oil,

Came the offseason roster,

For which Chris Ballard had toiled.

The endzone was painted,

The most beautiful blue,

Hoping the Colts would cross it,

If just #ForTheShoe.

The players were nestled,

All sung in their beds,

While visions of a division championship,

Danced in their heads,

With Buckner in his helmet,

And fans in their officially licensed gear,

All were expecting,

A glorious end to the year.

When out on the field,

A player fell on the turf,

Another concussion?

Let’s change the surface to Nerf.

With Minshew under center,

So lively and quick,

Fans bought into the Mania,

And believed he could do the trick.

Providing protection,

His lineman all came,

He yelled hut, hut, hike,

And called them by name.

Now Smith, now Nelson,

They’ve loaded the box!

On Kelly, on Fries,

Slid in to protect, Mo-Alie Cox!


Oh no, that is dumb.

How can Taylor handle it?

He just injured his thumb.

Like a bowling ball rolling,

And toppling a pin,

Taylor rumbled to the endzone,

Putting the Colts up by ten.

With a lead to protect,

The defense put the game on their back,

With an all out blitz,

They came up with the sack.

As the ball was stripped,

From the quarterback they call Stroud,

The stadium erupted,

So loud and so proud.

Ballard spoke not a word,

but went straight to his work,

Grinning and laughing to himself,

At the fans who’d called him a jerk.

He can’t win the division,

He won’t spend on good players,

But this year was different,

The Colts were the slayers.

They had won the division,

They were postseason bound,

Most were amazed,

At the success they had found.

He jumped in his Audi,

And gave the button a push,

His haters were silent,

They’d been kicked in the tush.

I heard him exclaim,

As he drove by the Marriott,

Merry Coltsmas to all,

We still have a shot!