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Colts-Raiders odds: Indy opens as 3-point favorites

The Colts return home to finish the season. They are favored in the penultimate game.

NFL: NOV 19 Raiders at Dolphins Photo by Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts return home to the friendly confines of Lucas Oil Stadium to take on the puzzling Las Vegas Raiders. The last time these two AFC teams battled in the second to last game of the year, things did not go well for the Colts. They lost the game and ended up missing out on the playoffs. DraftKings Sportsbook sees this one going a bit differently giving the Colts a 3-point lean in in the spread.

The current money line sits at -162 with the over/under at 44.5.

The Colts are coming off a deflating road loss against the Atlanta Falcons. Starting out of the gate with a touchdown, things were looking good. That feeling lasted all of a one possession when the Falcons marched down the field with ease to tie the game. An untimely offsides on a missed field goal cost the Colts three points, but they were able to keep it close at the half trailing by only six. The second half fully belonged to the Falcons as they put this one away.

Meanwhile, the Raiders are due to take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Christmas Day in Arrowhead. The Raiders are coming off an impressive 63-point offensive explosion. That was surprising given the fact that they laid an egg the week prior scoring a fat zero. The Raiders are battling a slew of injuries and are heavy underdogs in this contest as the Chiefs look to secure yet another division title. From 0 to 63 in a matter of a week makes this Raiders team hard to pin down. Enjoy your Christmas, and find out what happens.

Even with the loss, the Colts are still in control of their destiny. If they can win next week, it will go a long way to securing a playoff spot. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself and the Colts can win a game they must have at home against the Raiders.