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Colts’ Stat of the Game: Week 16 @Falcons

NFL: DEC 24 Colts at Falcons Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Blake Freeland allows 9 total pressures, Colts allow six sacks

The Colts’ offensive line was atrocious against a Falcons’ pass-rush that was not having a great season. What has been one of the biggest strengths of the unit, was the weak link and the unraveling of the team on Sunday. The entire line was not that great, but one player in particular was the biggest reason of the struggles: rookie right tackle Blake Freeland. With Braden Smith still out dealing with an injury, Freeland has been tasked with the right tackle job. He was somewhat solid the first couple of weeks, but has allowed 19 pressures over the past five games. The Colts even brought in Jared Veldheer to possibly start, considering how bad Freeland has been.

Zaire Franklin and E.J. Speed targeted 19 total times in the passing game

The Colts’ linebackers have not been great covering the pass this season, as that is clearly their biggest weakness. Both Speed and Franklin are not particularly fast, and while they make some good plays here and there, over the course of a game they are bound to get exposed. Heinicke picked them apart, using both Bijan Robinson, and the tight ends Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith.

Kenny Moore targeted 4 times, allows a touchdown

I still remember Kenny’s collapse in the 2021 season, on the final three games, where it mattered the most. In case you don’t want to take my word for it, Kenny was targeted 20 times, allowing 16 catches and three touchdowns in the final three games of the season, and I still remember Hunter Renfrow eating him alive that year. Now you never want to throw the word “choke” around lightly, but Kenny struggled against the Falcons, and just missed on the Falcons’ first touchdown pass to Kyle Pitts. It is do or die now for this team, and I am hoping many other players that were on the roster for that 2021 collapse show something different.

Colts allow 177 running yards, 5.9 YPC

The Colts’ run defense was absolutely demolished by the Falcons, which was certainly surprising considering how bad they had been struggling to run the ball consistently at all this season. I say this as a Bijan Robinson fantasy owner, Atlanta’s running game has not been good at all. Also, the Colts’ run defense is sort of like their calling card, so it was surprising watching them get gashed so badly.