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Was that one of the most frustratingly incredible Colts win you’ve seen?

The Colts pulled off a wild win against the Titans in overtime. Do you have any hair left?

Syndication: The Tennessean Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Indianapolis Colts strolled into Nashville to face off against the Titans after having moved into the playoff picture in the AFC. What came next was one of the wildest and more frustrating games/wins Colts’ fans have witnessed in some time. The NFL had their script makers working hard on this one to create the plot that unfolded over fiveish quarters.

After falling behind by ten in the early going, the Colts looked like they might let the season take a nasty turn. Part of the craziness started with a fumble (or was it an interception?). Either way, the Colts had the turnover and gave it right back to a hustling Will Levis on a fumble. That allowed the Titans to continue their drive and cash in for three. Derrick Henry lead the way on the next drive by punching it in for six.

The team settled down as the offense was able to put some drives together while the defense started forcing punts. The Colts made it into the redzone and had to settle for a field goal, fumbled at the five, and then got the ball back to put up three before the half.

To start the second half, the Colts got to the Titans ten, but once again had to settle for three. Runs up the middle continued to produce zero results against a stout Titans’ redzone defense. The score sat at 16-17 as the Colts had many chances to pull away but refused to punch it across the goal line.

Then things got interesting. The Colts blocked a punt at Tennessee’s 36-yard line as Nick Cross blew up the play. The defense was able to scoop up the ball and return it for six. Six is all they got, however, as the Colts went for two. A high pass to Zack Moss drifted into the hands of the Titans’ defender who returned it for two points. Instead of the Colts being up six, they were up only three.

Well, if something works once, try it again. On the next possession, the Colts blocked their second punt of the day as they were able to take it down to the Titan’s seven yard line. Once again, futility reared its ugly head as the Colts had to settle for three. That meant on the ensuing possession, the Titans touchdown tied the game, and the extra point would put them in the lead. That didn’t happen though as the Titans’ punter was injured on the second block (fumble) so Ryan Tannehill came in to hold. Maybe the timing was off. Whatever it was, the kick was no good. Tied at 25, the game went to OT.

The Titans won the toss and put three on the board in their first possession. The Colts had a chance to respond, and Alec Pierce caught a pass for 55 yards to get down to the Titan’s four yard line. When it mattered most, the Colts scored a touchdown as Michael Pittman Jr. secured it for the game winner. (Get that man a new contract).

On a day when the Colts struggled to score six, the special teams unit was truly special. Sometimes that is what it takes. It is a three unit sport. You can’t always depend on the offense (they did still put up 25 in regulation which isn’t too shabby.) You can’t expect the defense to always force turnovers. Two of the greatest wins of the year came in overtime and on the backs of special teams. It ain’t always pretty, but it’s another feather in the cap towards the playoffs which is exactly what Colts’ fans wanted to see.