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Colts’ Drew Ogletree is another instance of a troubling series of off the field issues for the team

Drew Ogletree’s arrest for domestic battery is troubling all on its own. Couple that with the other suspensions on the team and you start to wonder what is going on.

NFL: DEC 10 Colts at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts have plenty of on the field issues to clean up. Now, unlike ever before, they appear to have even more off the field issues with players being suspended or removed from the team for detrimental actions.

To be fair, the Colts organization only has so much control over what the players do off the field. To expect them to keep everyone in check is ridiculous. Your boss doesn’t keep you on the right track, so they can’t be expected to do the same. On the other hand, the Colts have preached the mantra of blue-chip, high character men. Not all of the issues match the egregiousness of the charges against Ogletree, but an unfortunate pattern is starting to emerge this season.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Isiah Rodgers Sr. was suspended indefinitely late June for violating the league’s gambling policy. He was immediately released by the Colts and picked up by the Eagles. He cannot play until he is cleared by the league.

The Colts brought in Chris Lammons to help replace Rodgers, but he was ineligible to play for the first three games due to assaulting a man in Las Vegas. The Colts released him once the suspension was confirmed, but have since brought him back.

One of the biggest on the field blows was Grover Stewart’s suspension for PEDs. The run defense was gashed during his absence.

Al-Quadin Muhammad was also suspended for PEDs. His regular season is now over as the suspension carries into next year.

Add Tony Brown and Isiah McKenzie’s still mystifying suspensions for acts detetrimental to the team, and you would have said that has to be the last one. That has to be it.

Well, news broke late Friday night that Ogletree had been arrested for a henious act. The Colts are still doing their own investigation as they should. Yes, it looks bad and most likely is exactly as it appears, but it is only fair that they take a long hard look at this. If it is as it appears, the Colts will cut Ogletree, and he will never play for the team or perhaps the league again.

This begs the question: Do the Colts have a character problem? I will let you decide. This string of “determental acts” is as long as I have ever seen while watching this team for the last twenty years. What the Colts can do about it will also be up for debate. Whatever it is, they need to work to figure it out.