Stocking Stuffers

Our eyes tend to gravitate to the top prospects but I wanted to shine a light to some of the guys probably going in day 2 or 3.

These rounds have produced starters such as Grover Stewart, Bobby Okereke, EJ Speeds, Zaire Franklin, Zach Moss, Will Fries, Rodney Thomas, Gardner Minshew and more.

Ballard talks about having a price/number that the Colts value guys at, here are a few options to fill some vacancies for possible free agents.

We are going to keep things short and sweet check these guys out and give me some pro comps and let me know if you think they will fit with this team

Gardner Minshew has been a thrilling roller coaster ride for the Colts. He has filled the role of backup so nicely that offers may come in that he can not refuse.


Spencer Rattler 6'1 217lbs

Comp: Tyler Heinicki

Michael Pratt 6'4 220lbs

Comp: Nick Foles

Austin Reed 6'2 220lbs

Comp: David Mills

Dillon Gabriel 5'11 204lbs

Comp: Chase Daniels