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Are All Signs Pointing to the Colts Hiring Eagles OC Shane Steichen After the Super Bowl?

Timing-wise, signs are pointing to Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen as the franchise’s next hire.

NFL: JAN 29 NFC Championship - 49ers at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts have begun trimming their finalist pool down for the franchise’s next head coach and likely have honed in on a single choice, which begs the question, what are they waiting on exactly to announce the hire?

Could it be that the coordinator they’re planning on hiring as their next head coach is currently still coaching in this weekend’s Super Bowl, i.e., Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen:

Having been jilted at the altar by former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels last go around in 2018, it’s possible that the Colts will want to see the ink fully dry on any head coaching contract—which means waiting on Steichen to wrap up his prolonged season.

It’s also possible that the league wants to keep the focus on the Super Bowl and doesn’t want NFL teams announcing big moves in the week ahead of its biggest game of the year (for example, think about when the MLB was upset when A-Rod opted out of his mega-contract during Game 4 of the 2007 World Series). There could be a league-wide hush order of sorts.

It’s not that all eyes are on the Arizona Cardinals and Colts imminent head coaching hires per se, but the league may want to keep the sole focus on the Super Bowl in the national media and in the news cycle.

In any case, the Colts have not announced their hire yet, which seems at least slightly unusual timing-wise—even for the most patient of the Horseshoe’s faithful.

Right now, all signs point to Steichen, but no one outside W. 56th Street knows for sure yet.