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Anthony Richardson: Anticipating a mind-blowing Combine

Florida v South Florida Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Colts are, for the first time in more than 10 seasons, surely going to pick a quarterback with their first round pick of the NFL Draft come April. Before the Draft we have the Combine, a perfect chance to see how athletic these prospects really are, and we know for sure just how much general manager Chris Ballard values athleticism, especially after last year’s draft, where he picked guys that on average had a RAS (Relative Athletic Score) over 9.0.

Having watched a reasonable amount of film on the top 4 quarterback prospects in this year’s NFL Draft, I have a clear cut favourite for the Colts right now, and it is Anthony Richardson. While the Florida signal-caller comes with plenty of concerns, like not much playing experience, inconsistency on short passes, and not much production, the athleticism is just too enticing to pass on. We are talking about a 6’4’’, 225-pound quarterback, that can do things like this on the football field.

Or like this ridiculous two-point conversion against Indiana.

We also have him easily nailing a between the legs dunk (imagine Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers trying this)

This is a prospect that could light things on fire at the Combine, which starts tomorrow. I expect him to easily pace the quarterbacks every single category, posting a forty yard dash under 4.5, while also leading the charge in bench press and every other test. We will also get a chance to watch him display that cannon of an arm right there on our very own stadium.

The reasons for concern mentioned above are certainly worth worrying about, but with a head coach like Shane Steichen, that managed to do the things he did with Jalen Hurts at quarterback, and the Colts’ brass already stating that they value a quarterback’s ability to run the ball a lot, the fit just makes too much sense. I am fully aboard the AR15 train, and tickets are going to be a helluva lot more expensive after the Combine.