2023 1st Round Mock Draft.

Depending how this goes, and whether you guys like it or not. I may do another closer to the draft. For now I was just in the mood for something different than another Colts mock, HC discussion, etc. So I thought I’d try my hand at a full NFL mock 1-32…31… looking at you Miami.

To keep things as clear and concise as possible I will list out all of the trades above in order, and simply note the Pick with an asterisk if it was from a trade. I will also try to limit the trades to impactful moves as well, as there is no shot at handicapping it correctly anyways. I can do enough to be fairly realistic though, which is all I am concerned with.

Draft Day Trades-

Las Vegas trades 2023 1st (7), 2nd (44), 3rd, 2024 1st, and 2024 2nd to Chicago for 2023 1st (1).

Carolina trades 2023 1st (9), 2nd (39), and 2024 1st and 2nd to Arizona for 2023 1st (3), and DeAndre Hopkins.

Detroit trades 2023 1st (6) and their extra 2023 1st (18), to Indianapolis for 2023 1st (4), and 2nd (35).

Philadelphia trades 2023 1st (10) and their extra 1st (30) to Seattle for 2023 1st (5).

Houston trades 2023 1st (12) and 3rd (65) to Atlanta for 2023 1st (8).

NYJ trades 2023 1st (13), 2nd (43), and a conditional 2024 1st to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers.

Washington trades 2023 1st (16) and 2024 3rd to New England for 2023 1st (14).

Minnesota trades 2023 1st (23) and 3rd (87) to Indianapolis for 2023 1st via DET (18).

Arizona trades 2023 2nd (34) and 4th (106) to Cincinnati for 2023 1st (28).

New Orleans trades 2023 1st (29) to Las Vegas for Derek Carr.

Chicago trades 2023 2nd (54) to Indianapolis for Kenny Moore and a 2023 6th.


2023 NFL Draft RD 1-

Pick 1- *LV- C.J. Stroud- QB- Ohio State-

Vegas feels like the team that gets desperate to me this year. Making the kind of offer nobody wants to match or compete with. Just a gut feeling that Mcdaniels might prefer Stroud or Levis over the skillset of Bryce Young.

Pick 2- HOU- Will Anderson- DE- Alabama-

I doubt they make this pick, personally I’d go Carter. However, if I was in charge I’d give Ryans his choice of premium defenders this season, and use my two 2024 1sts on the eventual QB. Sign Jameis or Brissett for 2023 and move along. I’m betting he’d like to start with some pass rush.

Pick 3- *CAR- Will Levis- QB- Kentucky-

When looking at this class, and considering Frank Reich. I believe this is the guy he will ask for from this class, unless he prefers Tanner McKee outright. Panthers brass seems to be in aggressive mode, and making this move along side adding Hop, puts them all in for better or for worse.

Pick 4- *DET- Jalen Carter- DT- Georgia-

Detroit gets aggressive here and moves up for the best and safest player in this class. A likely future HOF player that will go a very long way in completing Dan Campbells defense.

Pick 5- *PHI- Myles Murphy- DE- Clemson-

Philly tried to get up to 4 as well, helping to drive up the cost of our pick. They still come up to 5 to get what I see as the other top 5 type defender besides the guys already off the board. Imo a better player for the NFL than Anderson anyways.

Pick 6- *IND- Bryce Young- QB- Alabama-

At this time. I’m comfortable playing chicken, moving back even as mocked here, and going with Anthony Richardson should it fall that way. With how I have this falling with teams valuing specific traits and size for their schemes higher. We just happen to luck into my #1 QB. A guy we will need to manage well to get a decade plus out of, but also the most field ready scheme diverse talent in the class.

Pick 7- *CHI- Paris Johnson- OT- Ohio State-

I could see staying at #1 and taking Carter or Anderson. However, with loads of cap space to spend. I think they can solve a lot on D there, and need to draft the long term protection for Fields. With the kind of talent that usually isn’t in FA at all. In this scenario they’d have a boatload of picks and flexibility from the trade back to hit many spots as well. Which they need.

Pick 8- *HOU- Brian Breese- DT- Clemson-

Sticking with the philosophy of giving Ryans the tools to paint the Mona Lisa first. We get aggressive here in pairing Will Anderson with likely the most physically gifted 3T in the class. He’s not Jalen Carter yet, by any stretch, however, still a great pairing to walk away with from this class. At pick 33 I’d go DB or LB and really continue this thought.

Pick 9- *ARI- Quentin Johnston- WR- TCU-

After moving Hopkins to Carolina, WR becomes a need again. Brown and Moore are nice players. However, a true hulking #1 like Hopkins or Larry Fitzgerald is best to have. It just so happen one falls right into their lap.

Pick 10- *SEA- Tyree Wilson- DE- Texas Tech-

Who knows with Pete and Seattle? If they pay Geno as expected. I don’t see a QB being taken this early. I’d anticipate an offensive or defensive lineman. With the run on defense line I gave them a DE I don’t see in this regard, but know plenty do.

Pick 11- TEN- Broderick Jones- OT- Georgia-

I don’t think drafting AR15 over Malik Willis makes that much sense. Unless that ship has already sunk all the way. They typically take players I like ahead of our picks when in proximity. So I am giving them my BPA, and possibly favorite OL player in this class. A running teams wet dream at 4 positions along the OL.

Pick 12- *ATL- Peter Skoronski- OT- Northwestern-

With Atlanta a team and roster in flux, already invested into Desmond Ridder. I think they move back, hit a few needs, and add a vet QB in FA as well potentially. This pick is simply about BPA at a premium position. Cam Smith was a thought here too.

Pick 13- *GB- Jordan Addison- WR- USC-

Green Bay has a glaring need at WR regardless of the QB. Addison is a safe and sensible selection that can contribute right away. He will make for a great long term combination with Christian Watson and Jordan Love’s arm talent.

Pick 14- *WSH- Anthony Richardson Jr.- QB- Florida-

Washington gets somewhat aggressive here in moving up slightly to secure a QB with starter upside. In fact they get a guy with MVP upside, and after a couple seasons watching Philly succeed. Try to knock off the Hurts concept themselves. They can keep Henicke or Wentz whichever they please to bridge the gap.

Pick 15- GB- Lukas Van Ness- DE- Iowa-

GB already turned Rodgers into Jordan Addison and a 2024 1st. With their 2nd pick of the round they look to solidify their defense. With a talented and sturdy build DL player that should fit the bill.

Pick 16- *NE- Brian Branch- DB- Alabama-

Like Seattle, I cannot begin to tell you what Bill does here. So I gave him an extra 3rd, then look to a player here that I bet he likes. Branch is an ultra versatile DB, that a talented defensive mind can do alot with. Bill makes the Pick here that may surprise many, but actually does make alot of sense.

Pick 17- PIT- Joey Porter Jr.- CB- Penn State-

Whether some of the other options at DB are available or not. I think the Steelers stick to their stripes and look to add talent from their region of the US when it’s there to be had. Porter is a more than fine shot at the #1 CB they have lacked since Joe Haden years ago.

Pick 18- *MIN- Cam Smith- CB- South Carolina-

Minnesota typically drafts close to my ranks, and usually even get a bit lucky. Nothing new here as they make a slight move up for what is my #1 CB of the class. He steps in day 1 and replaces Patrick Peterson for them.

Pick 19- TB- Tanner McKee- QB- Stanford-

Tampa could go a few ways here. I imagine they stabilize post Brady by adding a vet QB in FA. However, also adding McKee to the room alongside Kyle Trask gives them some upside to develop as well. Which fits their timeline as a roster that’s likely about to see some decent turnover, and may be a couple of years from competing again.

Pick 20- SEA- O’Cyrus Torrence- OG- Florida-

Seattle hit DE earlier and now grab an OL starter caliber player here. Again not saying I’d go all in on Geno. However, if they do beefing up their fronts is the next logical step.

Pick 21- LAC- Jaxson Smith-Njigba- WR- Ohio State-

The Chargers get a heck of a WR, possibly as impactful as anyone in this class at a great value. Their WR group is showing some age and inconsistencies. So I think solving that with authority makes more sense than chasing a different need with less talent.

Pick 22- BAL- Zay Flowers- WR- Boston College-

I think Lamar could really leave. Although I didn’t mock that here. Part of him resigning should and likely will include demands about having some better receivers to work with than Sammy Watkins. Trading Hollywood Brown was a really bad move imo, and this is a course correction. Flowers would be fun to watch in this offense.

Pick 23- *IND- Michael Mayer- TE- Notre Dame-

With the insane talent that went off the board from 18-23. A case could be made easily to stay put for any of the non QBs that went. However, another case could be made that if we retain Paris Campbell and Dulin. Alongside Pittman, Pierce, and Strachan. We have enough at WR to not hold the rookie back in year 1. Assuming we hit RG with a vet in FA. It opens this pick up to about anything, Cam Smith would have been nice, and really tempted me. Although I want to help the rookie QB somehow first.

Mayer comes in as an unquestioned #1 do it all TE. We know we missed Doyle’s blocking, but the other elephant in the room is this. Jelani Woods and Kylen Granson have great traits for specific roles, but beyond that. They don’t exactly profile well for every down duties. We can get by signing a blocking TE to fill in. However, with a talent like Mayer in this class. Why not pair him with a QB that will need some added protection, and a plus underneath Saftey net for best results? I’d still expect Woods to play a lot with any decent offensive mind at the helm. Making this a zero negatives addition, that should be a key player for a decade or longer.

Pick 24- JAX- Antonio Johnson- S- Texas A&M-

An improving team that can compete certainly. However, they still have enough needs to go with a BPA philosophy for OL or D. While not my personal BPA rank here. I could certainly see teams having AJ in round 1 due to his traits and insane upside.

Pick 25- NYG- Josh Downs- WR- North Carolina-

This is the first pick all draft I really don’t put a stamp of approval on. However, with their team having such a lack of trustworthy talent at WR. Any positive that is consistent and healthy will help. So they overpay a bit for what is probably a career #2 or #3 and are ok with that.

Pick 26- DAL- Andre Carter- DE- Army-

This makes for the 2nd pick I don’t particularly like. However, I could see the Cowboys taking what I see as a massive risk with Carter and his traits. I don’t love the player on tape. Who knows if he develops well or not? He will need to for this pick to look good in retrospect.

Pick 27- BUF- Nolan Smith- DE- Georgia-

Buffalo sorely missed Von Miller when he was hurt. They look to correct that issue with some premium depth here. Which for me is really what Smith is already for Georgia He may never be a 3 down player, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be special when he is out there.

Pick 28- *ARI- Bijan Robinson- RB- Texas-

Arizona already added a franchise WR at #9 and extra picks moving back from #3. They use a bit of the assets to dip back into round 1 for the best RB prospect in the class as well. Giving Kyler Murray two new cornerstones for the future offense upon his return.

Pick 29- *LV- Dawand Jones- OT- Ohio State-

May seem like a reach to some. I think it’s actually a really smart pick. Sure there is risk in a prospect of Jones size. However if he hits, he’s the exact type of talent you want on the 5 years Vs 4 rookie deal. Orlando Brown Jr who I liken Jones too is projected to make 22+ mil a year this offseason for example. Keeping he and Stroud together for that timeframe is sensible as well.

Pick 30- *SEA- Calijah Kancey- DT- Pittsburgh-

Seattle uses their third 1st rounder of the draft to double down on reshaping their DL for the future. While I was less enthused about Wilson being worth #10. I think Kamcey should be a 1st rounder, and won’t argue much about how high. As long as whoever takes him has the right plan. He should be a standout pro capable of 8+ sacks a year from the interior.

Pick 31- KC- Felix Anudike-Uzomah- DE- Kansas State-

Once you take the freak athleticism of Anderson and Murphy off the board. This guy would actually be my top rated pass rusher left. So I think KC gets an absolute steal here. I could also see Jalen Hyatt, another WR, or a Saftey if they let Thornhill walk.

Colts Other Premium Selections-

Pick 54 via CHI- John Michael Schmitz- C- Minnesota-

Pick 79- BJ Thompson- DE- Steven F Austin-

Pick 87 via MIN- Clark Phillips- CB- Utah-

Pick- 105- Xavier Hutchinson- WR- Iowa State-

What are your thoughts on the entire draft and subsequent Colts mock included?

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