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‘It’s leaning against Jeff Saturday’ to reportedly become Colts’ full-time head coach

Jeff Saturday’s initial momentum appears to have stalled.

Philadelphia Eagles v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport via ‘The Pat McAfee Show,’ Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday is losing momentum in his current quest to become the franchise’s full-time hire:

“I don’t know,” answered Rapoport Monday on who the next Colts head coach will be. “It’s leaning against (Jeff) Saturday now. There’s so many (finalists). That’s what today’s about. I think it’s them meeting and trying to figure our who’s left and who’s not. They’re kind of going through (it all). . . . back in Indy.”

Even though he was beloved as a former All-Pro center and locker room leader for the Colts in his playing days during the franchise’s prior glory years, Saturday’s struggles as the team’s interim head coach have been well documented at year-end.

Simply put, he looked inexperienced and overmatched.

He inherited an already bad football team, but:

The team went 1-7 (*losing seven straight games) and suffered a -87 total point differential.

Saturday’s squad was outscored 33-0 by the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth quarter.

Then suffered a 33-0 blown lead to the Minnesota Vikings.

Finally failing to beat the once lowlier Houston Texans (3-13-1) at home in the season finale.

With the Colts bringing in a lengthy list of more qualified candidates for interviews during their ongoing head coaching search (*which figures to wrap up at some point hopefully soon), it’s hardly surprising that Saturday’s ‘initial’ momentum, as a personal favorite of team owner Jim Irsay, is now stalling—given who he’s repeatedly gone up against.

Offensive line coach? Yes.

Head coach? No.

At least not without some further seasoning for Saturday.