Dream Draft

Lets see what everyone's dream draft is! Unrealistic and fun. I've been using PFF a lot so this was mine:

Trading our 4th and next years 3rd for the Raiders: 7th pick, and 2024 R1 and 2024 R2.

Trades pick 35 and 79 for Pick 39, 61 and 114

In this scenario, Houston picks Young and Raiders pick Levis

Our draft goes:

Pick 7: C.J. Sroud, QB

Pick 39: Josh Downs, WR

Pick 61: Garrett Williams, CB

Pick 106: Ronnie Hickman, S

Pick 114: Joe Tippmann, C

Pick 140: Jarrett Patterson, G

Pick 181: Dylan Horton, ED

Pick 223: Drake Thomas, LB

And come away with Raiders first and second round picks next year which at this rate, could be very high.

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