2023 Roster Needs as of 3/16/23

As Colts fans, we have come to expect very little activity from CB early in free agency, and although some transactions like releasing Matt Ryan, re-signing Lewis and Dulin might have been expected, I do like the signings of Tavin Bryan and Matt Gay. I don't know how many of you were as surprised as I was when Gilmore got traded. It wasn't so much that we freed up cap space, but we were thin at corner already, and now we are without our best. So where do we stand right now?

  • QB: Some people are speculating that the Colts are going to make a run at Lamar, but I just don't see CB giving up that much draft capital and money for one player. I'm nervous about Richardson because of his very poor accuracy. I tend to ignore combine performances. I hear Ryan Leaf mention that he had a great combine, and we know how well that worked out. What should the Colts do here?
  • O-line: Maybe I am an eternal optimist, but I don't think we are far away from returning to a plus level line. We need a solid RG. This could be Seumalo, Risner, or a higher draft pick. The other question is C. I hate to ask this, but did the toll of losing their baby affect Ryan Kelly's play? Can he bounce back or do we save $8 million and have Pinter start?
  • Corners: The only proven corners we have are Moore and Rodgers. I don't see how we move forward without at least solid veteran signing.
  • Safety: I like Blackmon, Thomas, and Cross, but I think bringing back a veteran like McLeod would be a smart move. He played really well last year and he can help the younger players.
  • WR: I was sorry to see Campbell sign with the Giants. I think we need a speedy, slot receiver to compliment the bigger guys on the outside (Pittman/Pierce)
  • RB: It would be nice to have a 'Hines like' guy who is quick/speedy out of the backfield and could perhaps line up in the slot.
It sounds like a lot, but I we do have pieces (D-line, Linebackers, Taylor, etc.)


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