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Breaking: Colts make move at QB, Minshew Mania lands in Indy

Shane Steichen gets a new quarterback

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Earlier today Luke Schultheis wrote about Zak Keefer’s report that the Indianapolis Colts were looking into free agent QB Gardner Minshew. This time of the year it’s tough to know what’s real and what’s rumor but in this instance we found plenty of fire to go along with all of that smoke.

The question with any move that comes this time of year is always “what will it cost” and our buddy Tom Pelissero (aka The Pel-raiser) had that news break as well:

“With upside” seems to suggest an incentive laden deal for the veteran passer. Which makes sense for both he and the Colts. Minshew knows the offense Shane Steichen is looking to run and has a relationship with the Colts new coach. For Minshew an incentive laden deal makes sense as the Colts may end up drafting a quarterback prospect that the team will want to bring along slowly. It’s a low risk, high reward deal for both parties.

The starting quarterback position hasn’t been filled with this move but it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Gardner Minshew is the week one starting quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. Fans will no doubt have a varied reaction to Minshew starting but “Minshew Mania” has caught on in the AFC South in the past. He might have another exciting run left in the tank and there’s a chance we’ll get to see it happen in 2023.

While the writing has very much been on the wall for months now, this move likely puts the final nail in the coffin of Nick Foles’ Indianapolis Colts career. Foles will be best remembered in Blue and White for telling a reporter that he didn’t want to play right before throwing three interceptions against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The bar is low for Gardner Minshew to succeed as (hopefully) a backup quarterback in Indianapolis.