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By now you have probably watched tons of prospects in preparation for the draft. You may have stumbled on a few guys that you are just enamored with. Well here is the place to share that Youtube link for the player that you just really liked watching their tape and want to share it. Whether it's the pulvarizing guard, the hard hitting safety, the lightining fast DL, the super agile RB, or the LB with sideline to sideline speed. Share your favorites here for other to enjoy too!

In the comments below, share the prospect in the following format:

[Position] Name--First and Last (School) ; Example: QB Clayton Tune (Houston)

Then, simply copy the link to the Youtube video (or other video service). If attaching a Youtube link, you can attach the video via the popup at the bottom of the screen. Please do so.

DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER PERSONAL COMMENTARY IN THE INITIAL POST! Put your thoughts below in a second, sub-comment.

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