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Looks like new Colts QB Gardner Minshew and Florida QB Anthony Richardson are training together

Could this simply be a fun coincidence or something more?

South Florida v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

It looks like new Indianapolis Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew has been working out with Florida top rookie passing prospect Anthony Richardson (via ChaseDonnonQB) this early offseason:

Could be a mere coincidence.

Could be something more.

Given its warm weather, a lot of NFL players train in Florida together during the offseason (where it looks like these photos were just taken).

Richardson recently played collegiately in Gainesville, Florida, for the Gators, while Minshew is no stranger to the ‘Sunshine State', having previously played for the Jacksonville Jaguars (2019-20). It’s possible both reside relatively close to one another.

We do know that the Colts have been heavily connected to Richardson throughout the NFL Draft evaluation process and seem to really like him, but just how relative that is compared to others such as Alabama’s Bryce Young, Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, or even Kentucky’s Will Levis remains to be seen.

There also seems to be a fairly realistic chance that Richardson’s still available with the Colts currently held 4th overall pick, meaning he could be the guy.

It’s possible that if Sam Ehlinger would fly down South, the entire 2023 Colts' QB room could be training together, but there’s also the chance it was just a fun coincidence given recent happenings (and draft buzz) regarding Indianapolis.