Slow week. I am just bantering and passing the time before the draft next month. This week there are three Pro Days of particular interest for the Colts as to pertains to quarterbacks. The performance of the quarterback prospects at the Pro Days will help clarify the order of rank. Today, March 22 is the Ohio State Pro Day (Stroud). Tomorrow, March 23 is the Alabama Pro Day (Young). Friday, March 24 is the Kentucky Pro Day (Levis). I guess I should also mention that the Florida Pro Day is next week on March 30 (Richardson).

I do not know if Stroud, Young, or Levis will throw at their Pro Day, however, I assume they will. I am not sure how much this adds to anyone’s stock as the passing drills at the Pro Day are almost choreographed. I am more interested in their speed drills (especially the 40-yard dash and three cone drill). For discussion’s sake, I am just going to focus on the 40-yard dash.

Stroud is a pocket quarterback that looks to pass first. In fact, in his interviews he reportedly said that he gets paid to pass, and not run the football. However, he still needs to display that he has some escape mobility. In the Georgia game he showed he could use his legs when he needs to. I would think he needs an above average 40-yard time to reinforce this. I am guessing this would need to be in the 4.75 range.

Young is an athletic quarterback that is considered a dual threat. Because of the height and durability concerns, I would think he would need to clock in around 4.5 in the 40-yard dash to truly impress. This is nowhere near what Kyle Murray did in the 40, but Young strikes me as a better passer than Murray.

Levis is also a dual threat quarterback, but is sort of in between Stroud and Young. He seems to be faster, stronger, and more athletic than Stroud. He is also a tad bigger (not by much though). However, he is nowhere near the passer Stroud is. When compared to Young, he is not as fast or athletic, nor can he throw as well. But with that said, he has a significant size and strength advantage over Young. Given the other intangible advantages both Stroud and Young have over Levis, I believe Levis is going to need a 40-yard time under 4.7 in order to solidify his resume. He is also going to need to do much better in the passing drills than he displayed at the Combine.

I have no idea if Richardson will repeat the track meet tests at his Pro Day. I guess if he thinks he can improve on his already impressive numbers, he might. I expect him to throw. In that respect, like Levis, he will really need to put on a show.

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