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5 Prospects to Watch for the Colts - Part 1

NCAA Football: PAC-12 Football Championship-Southern California at Utah Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Young — Quarterback — Alabama

With the way things are shaping up at the top with the Panthers and CJ Stroud, there is a decent chance the Colts end up with Bryce Young. Young, despite the shortness and small stature has a bunch of incredible qualities that you want in a franchise quarterback. For starters, he comes from a pro-style offense that forces him to make 2-3 post snap reads on many passing plays which means he should be able to handle a full NFL playbook early on in his career. On top of that, his arm is strong despite his size and he can make all types of throws. He has good athleticism and can create plays with his feet outside the pocket. I take some issues with his mechanics, especially his lower body mechanics where I find he tends to get happy feet to often and doesn’t set himself properly when he makes his throws; that leads to a lack of consistent zip/velocity on his passes because of the poor weight transfer. I also wonder whether his incredible offensive unit has made him look better than he actually is. Nevertheless, he has so many tools that you just can’t ignore and if the Colts are lucky enough to select him with the 4th pick, they would be getting quite a good player.

Jordan Addison — Receiver — USC

Addison is currently ranked in the mid 20s as a prospect which makes him a possibility to be drafted by the Colts with their 2nd round pick (trade up or no trade up). Addison is a fluid route runner with superb cuts. He possesses a slender frame and doesn’t have all world speed, but he is always open and is a natural hands catcher. He reminds me a lot of Devonta Smith and I think he and Pittman would make a phenomenal pair.

Darnell Washington — Tight End — Georgia

Washington is a freak. He is 6’7, 265 pounds and runs a 4.64 as well as having one of the highest RAS scores of any tight end. He is a good receiving tight end, but also got a lot of in-line snaps and has a good run blocking grade according to PFF (which should be taken with a grain of salt), but from what I saw on his tape he is physical, throws his body around and the Bulldogs like to run behind him. Washington is projected to go sometime in the 2nd round, but his traits and size could make him go in the 1st round. Nevertheless, despite the fact that some boards have him being a 3rd round prospect, I think the Colts will need to take him with their 2nd round pick. He is a natural hands catcher and moves pretty well for his size. Him and Jelani Woods

Deonte Banks — Cornerback — Maryland

Banks is one of the most athletic corners in the draft according to his RAS and combine scores. In fact, he has the highest RAS score of any cornerback in this draft class and at a position that is as reliant on athleticism as any in football, that’s a great thing. Banks is currently projected to be a late round pick so he could be taken with the Colts 2nd round pick either in the early 2nd round or via a trade up. He has good size at 6’0, 200 pounds and Maryland’s defense used a good variety of zone and man coverages, meaning he has experience in both. On top of his great athleticism and speed, Banks is twitchy and matches receivers very well off the line. There are instance where it looks like he’s guessing and his instincts might not be up to par yet, but if he slides a bit he could be a very intriguing prospect for the Colts in the 2nd round.

Broderick Jones — Offensive Tackle — Georgia

As you can tell with most of the prospects on this list, they have high RAS scores and Jones is no different, possessing one of the highest RAS scores of any of the offensive linemen. Jones is currently ranked in the teens or 20s on most big boards, which means he’s most likely a candidate if the Colts decide to trade up, but also if they decide to trade back. Jones is physical, aggressive and explosive off the line, which is a dangerous combination with his good size and strength. He reminds me a bit of Trent Williams in that regard. He allowed 0 sacks, 2 hits and 7 hurries in 15 games (470 pass blocking snaps). He has issues at time in space and doesn’t have a ton of experience (less than 30 games), but the raw skills are there and he is solid technically, making him a very intriguing prospect that the Colts should take a serious look at.