Post Week 1 free agency mock draft fun.

Okay so I had a little bit of post free agency draft fun. With it getting closer to draft time, I do think we are getting a clearer view of who the Colts might like. I did try to go with some more Ballard like traits in this draft. I used the PFN simulator. I also had a lot of trade backs this draft. I didn't plan it that way but with how the board fell, and how I Ballard operates I just went with it. As always tell me what you think in the comments. So, without further ado here we go:

4) Anthony Richardson.

I really think that the board will come down to Will Levis or Anthony Richdarson at 4. In this scenario the Colts call the Cardinals bluff, stay put and draft whichever Quarterback is available. I think AR15 offers higher upside than Levis The farther this process goes on the more I keep seeing us linked to him.

45) DJ Turner CB Michigan

Okay so I traded down a couple of times to get to pick 45. I would have preferred just one trade but the PFN simulator kinda stinks with trades. I do think Ballard will look to move off of pick 35 because we have quite a few needs, and the Miami Dolphins forfeited their round one pick pushing down some talent. Couple that with a potential fiver first round QB's, I could see Ballard trading down to try and get some more picks to help fill our a roster. Speaking of filling out a roster, I fully expect the Colts to sign another corner and also trade Kenny Moore. Corner could still be really high on the needs list and the class is deep enough that you can get a good player deep into the second round. DJ was too good of an athlete at the position to pass up.

90) Matthew Bergeron OG Syracyse

Matthew Bergeron played OT for Syracuse but I think he transitions to guard in the NFL . He probably won't last this long, but if he does I think you sprint to the podium. He can come in and compete with Will Fries for the RG spot, and also offers some outside flexibility.

106) Jonathan Mingo WR Ole Miss

Build a Ballard WR. (great series btw) Big, fast, help the rookie QB.

129) Zach Harrison ED Ohio State

Full disclosure the middle of this draft wasn't great. A lot of the positions I wanted I couldn't justify picking where I was at. So I took BPA and hoped for a slide. I took Zach for some edge depth. I think he takes over the Tyquan Lewis role in '24.

138) Tyjae Spears RB Tulane

JT insurance. Depth piece who can hopefully catch out of the backfield. He has a decent RAS, and I think the Colts have talked to him. Also with how abysmal the offense was last year I want to light a fire under everybody.

149) Jarrett Patterson OC Notre Dame

I think Patterson can offer some solid depth as an OC or OG. Also this is my we have moved on from Ryan Kelly pick. If that happens (which I expect it will) I expect Pinter to take over as the starting OC next year, and I do think he played well in that spot. Patterson could be a nice depth piece that also pushes Pinter, and continue the competition on offense theme of this draft.

162) Jakorian Bennett CB Maryland

More CB help. We are seriously thin at that spot, so I grabbed BPA, or more accurately best RAS score at the position that was close to or over 6'. Also Riley Moss was gone, He went the pick right before this one. Moss is my draft crush this year.

169) Luke Schoonmaker TE Michigan

If we move on from MAC this year, then the room looks like Kylen Granson and then two second year player, one of whom did not play at all last year do to injury. Schoonmaker is Ballard big and adds an extra piece in case one of the other guys goes down, or doesn't pan out.

185) YaYa Diaby ED Louisville

Late flyer on an RAS score at a position that you can never have enough of. Special teams/developmental player.

202) Anthony Bradford OG LSU

Yes a third offensive linemen. The line really underperformed last year. This is a depth piece pick and hopefully adds some competition to the room.

221) Anfernee Orji LB Vanderbilt

Late round depth/developmental pick. Special team player probably. Height, Weight, Speed and RAS pick here.

231) Darrell Luter Jr. CB South Alabama

A third CB? Yep. That room seriously needs it. He is 6' and had a good RAS score. Smaller school prospect but I loved the way he moved in positional drills at the combine. His backpedal looked smooth. Take a flyer on a guy, that we don't have to bid for. Also will hopefully play on special teams.

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