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Grading the Colts’ 2020 Draft class

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

I previously wrote an article grading the 2019 Colts’ draft, as I believe that grading classes right after the Draft finishes, while obviously fun, is just not worthwhile. So, we now are three full seasons removed from the stacked 2020 class for the Colts and are able to reflect on what was Chris Ballard’s second best draft.

Colts’ 2020 Draft class

Michael Pittman Jr., wide receiver: A

MPJ is the Colts #1 receiver, has two consecutive seasons putting up steady numbers despite shoddy quarterback performance, and is already one of the leaders of the locker room at just 25 years of age. A homerun pick for Ballard who finally managed to nail the wide receiver position.

Jonathan Taylor, running back: A +

Whatever was expected from Taylor he exceeded it, becoming one of the most dangerous weapons in the NFL and an All-Pro caliber running back. This past season was not nice to him as he struggled with ankle injuries and suffered from playing in an offense with no passing game at all. He should only get better with Shane Steichen as the HC and hopefully an improved offensive line and get back to destroying opposing teams. His second contract is most likely going to be an interesting one.

Julian Blackmon, safety: B

Blackmon has fell off a little bit after a promising rookie season where he started 14 games. Missing most of his sophomore year, Blackmon came back on a surprisingly stacked safety group for the Colts, and lost a bit of playing time because of the emergence of Rodney Thomas and the steady play of veteran Rodney McLeod. Still, he is undoubtedly a starting caliber safety in the NFL and a dependable player.

Jacob Eason, quarterback: D -

Getting a quarterback in the fourth round is a longshot itself, and Jacob Eason was already considered as raw going into the league. Eason has 10 pass attempts in the NFL, and two interceptions. He will most likely make a living either as a career backup or as a starter in a secondary league.

Danny Pinter, IOL: B

Pinter was a solid backup center, and I think he could very well take over Ryan Kelly if a trade happens, but the experiment of putting him at right guard clearly did not work. Overall an approved late round pick.

Robert Windsor, defensive tackle: D -

Windsor appeared on just two games his rookie season, racking up two tackles. He has not played in the NFL since, bouncing around practice squads.

Isaiah Rodgers Sr., cornerback: A

Getting the level of production the Colts got out of Rodgers would already be an A, and this is a player that will most likely be at least a rotational defensive back for the Colts, and he even provides special teams’ value. Yet another late round gem for Ballard.

Dezmon Patmon, wide receiver: C

A game-winning touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals in what probably was the last time in recent history I felt good about this team is the one and only highlight of Patmon’s career.

Jordan Glasgow, linebacker: C -

Some special teams contribution in his two years with the Colts.