Making the case for an Out Of Box Choice at #35

Lets face it, the Colts are clearly facing MORE than a 1 yr Fix in order to get back to becoming a truly competitive team. There are numerous holes to fill, most notably at the QB, Interior O- Line, and CB positions. And given Ballards typical approach of neglecting those needs with players of any Real consequence during Free Agency, we once again find ourselves having to make up ground during the upcoming Draft. This year however we're dealing with TOO Many Needs and Not enough Picks. Knowing this, I suggest that once we've made Every effort to get the QB situation squared away, we move ahead by going the BPA route with our remaining picks. If it Doesn't fill a particular need.... BUT Does build a strength by getting a true Difference Maker, it could pay Big Dividends down the Road.

I really believe that JAHMYR GIBBS is such a player....And these are the reasons. 1) We have no current player on the roster who really fills the Nyheim Hines role. 2) He's incredibly explosive Running the ball and as a Receiver. A Homerun Hitter You could put him in the Slot while Taylor was Still in at RB. (Can you imagine what Defenses would do with Both on the field, ESPECIALLY IF RICHARDSON was at QB) 3) Taylor is now heading into a contract year, you never know how that might play out. With those 3, we're talking Speed, Power, and Explosiveness !! A FAR CRY from the Offense the COLTS trotted out onto the Field last year, Would'nt you say !!

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