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Where will the Colts go with the 35th pick?

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’re two weeks away from the draft. And everyone knows what the Indianapolis Colts are going to do with their first pick of the draft. Whether it’s Anthony Richardson, Will Levis, or even CJ Stroud, the Colts will take a quarterback.

But what will they do with their second selection in the draft, the 35th overall pick? Let’s break down the potential fits.

Julius Brents - Cornerback, Kansas State

We’ve mentioned Brents several times, but only because he truly fits everything the Colts look for in a cornerback. Brents has offensive linemen-like arms measuring in at 34”. He is an extremely explosive prospect with a 41.5” vertical along with a ridiculous 11’6” vertical. His 4.53 40-yard dash is a bit slower than most would like, but Ballard-drafted cornerbacks average a 4.52 40-time.

Brents is a sticky cornerback who isn’t afraid to be physical at the line of scrimmage and at the catch point. His vertical makes it nearly impossible to slot a throw over top, and his long arms make it difficult to sneak a ball in a tight window. He’d be a perfect compliment to the smaller Isaiah Rodgers.

Kelee Ringo - Cornerback, Georgia

Another popular cornerback, Ringo started off as a top prospect but has recently seen his stock drop slightly. Ringo’s size and speed are his calling cards. Even if he falls behind in a route, he has the makeup speed to make a play at the ball. He’s a bit stiff in the hips and struggles against shiftier receivers, but defensive coordinator Gus Bradley’s Cover-Three defense would put Ringo in the best position to succeed.

Ringo has the ball skills and the athleticism to cover the majority of the top receivers in the league. With a little development in the right scheme, Ringo could be a star cornerback in the making.

Zay Flowers - Wide Receiver, Boston College

Perhaps a bit unorthodox, the Colts could look to pair their new quarterback with a flashy receiver. Flowers is a bit undersized for what the Colts typically look for in a wide receiver, but with a new scheme, maybe Ballard will bend the mold a bit.

At 5’8”, Flowers uses his speed and route running saviness to create separation at all levels. He excels down the field, with an exceptional ability to track the ball. His play style and demeanor will remind Colts of T.Y. Hilton, and I’m sure Shane Steichen would love to pair Flowers’s skill set with Michael Pittman Jr. and Alec Pierce.

Trade Back

This feels like the most likely option. Chris Ballard loves to acquire picks, and if he trades up from the fourth overall pick, he will need to replenish lost capital. Depending on how far they decide to trade back, moving from 35 to the mid-to-late second round could recoup an extra third or multiple fourth-round picks.

The draft is a crapshoot. No one can predict what prospect will succeed at the next level. This draft is loaded with talent in the middle rounds, and for a team needing top-end talent and improved depth, it may behoove Ballard to trade for more swings in those rounds.