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Colts Reportedly Decide on a QB with the Fourth Overall Pick

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With just two weeks until the draft, the Indianapolis Colts have reportedly decided which quarterback they plan to select with the fourth overall pick.

Matt Miller of ESPN reported that the Colts will select Will Levis with the fourth overall pick if it comes down between him and Anthony Richardson. “They (Colts) need a Day 1 starter from this rookie class, too, and Levis is currently ahead of Anthony Richardson (Florida) for Indianapolis, according to sources close to the team, because he’s more likely to be able to play right away.”

Levis’s Game In Indy

While this is mostly speculation, there is some justification for the report. Barring any crazy scenarios, the Colts will be deciding between Anthony Richardson and Will Levis. Both are considered to be somewhat of a project in the NFL and are mostly projections based on their unique traits and abilities.

So why would the Colts go with Levis over Richardson? General manager Chris Ballard has to find his guy sooner rather than later, and he needs to hit the ground running. After Luck’s retirement, Ballard took swings on some big-name quarterbacks, Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz, and Matt Ryan, but each lasted a single season, never pushing the Colts over the hump. Levis comes from a pro-style offense, albeit a poor one, at Kentucky, meaning he has experience with NFL-caliber concepts and terminology.

Levis will also be a 24-year-old rookie, meaning he’s closer to his prime, and likely closer to his ceiling in terms of what he can accomplish on the field. Ballard and Steichen will like that they know what they’re getting in Levis who is closer to a finished product. Whereas Richardson is seen as a long-term project and may need a year on the bench before taking over the reins. Although some analysts think Richardson’s more refined than given credit.

Legitimate report or smokescreen?

Everyone knows it’s lying season around the NFL and you should rarely believe anything you hear in the national media. Whatever news is leaking now is coming out for a reason.

One could argue the Colts leaked this information to ward off any teams from trading in front of them to the third overall pick and selecting Anthony Richardson. Richardson’s tools and traits tend to fit the Steichen mold, especially if he’s looking to build on Philadelphia’s scheme with Jalen Hurts.

Trade off the table?

Miller also reported, “There’s also considerable chatter Indy will not trade up to secure a passer, even just one spot.” While this could be a smokescreen, it is on brand for Chris Ballard. He prefers to hold onto his picks and acquire as many as possible.

However, if the Colts feel threatened enough by another team trading up for their quarterback of the future, Ballard won’t hesitate to give up mid-round capital to move up to the third overall pick.

Only two more weeks until all this speculation comes to a close.