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Who do the computers have the Colts taking at #4?

Spoiler alert, it’s mostly Anthony Richardson

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Georgia v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

With the rise of ChatGPT and the boom of computers, why not try and incorporate it into our daily lives? I used the PFF Mock Draft simulator and the PFN Mock Draft Simulator and ran 1.000 simulations in each, as they are the only ones avalaible where one can run continuous simulations at a fast pace. (All the others take a ton of time and clicks to run a single simulation).

The results where not surprising at all, and I have to say are pretty much the same chances I assign to each possible scenario, and in the end it gave us two big conclusions:

  • Anthony Richardson is by far the favourite, leading with more than 50% of the picks in both the simulators.
  • There was not a single simulation where the Colts did not pick a quarterback at #4.

Of course, I don’t think it is even necessary to clarify that draft simulators rely on draft boards made by analysts and by who the users take in their drafts, and both of them tend to have it wrong big time, so take this results with a grain of salt.

Now how do I feel about the results? Well first of all I love Anthony Richardson and think that he should definitely go #1, so if the is there for us when we pick we should not even think about it. Levis is the second favourite, and I have to recognize I kind of like him now. The problem is I don’t see a high ceiling, and I want to have a quarterback I can get behind for the next decade, which I don’t think Levis is. Young or Stroud would be perfectly fine.

It was a bit surprising watching none of the 2.000 simulations have the Colts pick a player that was not a quarterback, as I expected that perhaps Jalen Carter or Will Anderson Jr. could sneak in on a few random simulations, but the computers expect the Colts to 100% have a new quarterback come the beginning of May.