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Speculation that Titans Could Trade Up to the #3 Pick in NFL Draft to Jump Colts for QB

It’s officially smokescreen season, and here’s the latest buzz affecting the Colts atop the NFL Draft’s pecking order.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, the Indianapolis Colts’ divisional rival, the Tennessee Titans, are a speculated sleeper, generating some recent buzz to potentially trade up to the 3rd overall spot in the 2023 NFL Draft—and jump the Horseshoe for a top rookie quarterback (currently picking at #4 overall):

Now, take this report from Jeremiah with a grain of salt, as this is officially ‘smokescreen season’ where NFL teams and agents alike do their fair share of posturing and fabricating to manipulate the actual draft board on draft day to their own personal benefit.

That being said, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Titans could be eyeing a starting quarterback successor to the 34 year old Ryan Tannehill, who’s in the last year of his current contract—and the franchise beginning what appears to be a rebuild of sorts.

However, the required draft capital for the Titans to move up from the #11 spot to the #3 overall wouldn’t be cheap by any means, and it’s a depleted roster that still has many holes to fill.

It may reasonably make more sense for Tennessee to try to see if one of the top four quarterback prospects slides and make a trade to say #7 or #8 overall and jump just a few spots—rather than to nearly the top of the draft, almost ten spots and surrender a king’s ransom in the process.

Still, the Titans may want to actually land their preferred passer, and the opportunity to stick it to the Colts is always there—although this may simply be an attempt by the Arizona Cardinals, currently holding the third overall pick, to try to leverage Indy into giving up more draft capital in a one pick trade up (which benefits both them and the Titans at the end of the day).

There’s a lot of possibilities right now, with a few potential major players leading the way—including speculation of the Titans trading up to jump the Colts for a franchise quarterback.