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Colts QB Anthony Richardson to Be Featured in Upcoming NFL Draft Documentary

Colts fans will get to see more of Anthony Richardson up close and personal from the recent NFL Draft weekend.

2023 NFL Draft Red Carpet Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s James Palmer, new Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson will be featured in an upcoming NFL Draft documentary along with a few other league rookies:

It’s not the first time that Richardson has recently been featured in a documentary, who was also showcased in the University of Florida football’s ‘This is the Swamp’:

It likely won’t be the last either, as the #4 overall pick of the Colts has a HUGE NFL ceiling and tantalizing physical tools to dream upon. Not to mention, the type of high end character and humility to ultimately help him capitalize upon his unique gifts.

Richardson appears to be a special talent—and person, and it’s no surprise that he’s being starred in a documentary because the general public absolutely needs to see more of him.

If nothing else, his rare story as a 20 year old quarterback with limited starting experience but out-of-this-world athleticism, largely taken early because of his immense potential, is nothing short of fascinating. It’ll be fun to see in more detail how things played out for him during this past draft weekend.