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Colts to Travel NFL’s 11th Fewest Total Miles During the 2023 Regular Season

The Colts may not suffer through nearly as much jet-lag as some of their NFL counterparts.

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According to’s Bill Speros, the Indianapolis Colts will travel the NFL’s 11th fewest total miles (16,403) during their 2023 regular season schedule (via ESPN’s Adam Schefter):

Given that the Colts’ total mileage also includes an overseas trip to Frankfurt, Germany, in Week 10 to play the New England Patriots, and it’s safe to say that Indianapolis made out pretty well when it comes to escaping much, much worse jet-lag.

The Colts also benefit this season from playing the AFC North and NFC South this season, without having to go consistently way out West.

Beyond the Houston Texans, (twice), the Colts go out to Las Vegas to face the Raiders in Week 17, but otherwise host the L.A. Rams at home (Week 4).

All things considered, the Colts won’t be racking up as many frequent flyer miles compared to the majority of their NFL counterparts—and that’s probably a good thing over the course of a long grind of an NFL season.