Irsay excludes Peyton Manning from his top 5 all time NFL players.

No wonder Peyton Manning seems to be more connected to the Broncos organization than the Colts these days. With the passing of the great RB Jim Brown, Irsay provided his list of top 5 players in NFL history. The list was comprised of Elway, Brady, Jim Brown, Deacon Jones, and The minister of defense Reggie White. It’s Irasay’s opinion. But sometimes a little white lie, to include Peyton, might be a good idea.

So no mention of Peyton. Manning is undoubtedly the greatest player in Indy Colts history. I’ll add no mention of John Unitas. He was undoubtedly the greatest player in Baltimore Colts history. Irsay apparently gave Elway credit for his running ability. That factor elevated him over Peyton, in Irsay’s mind.

Personally, I’d rather spend a January day naked outdoors in the North Pole than choose Elway. Elway, of course, refused to play for the Baltimore Colts back in the day. Colts had the first pick in the 1983 draft. And, he forced a trade to Denver, by threatening to play baseball for the Yankees. But Irsay is entitled to his opinion.

My preference for top 5 would be P.Manning, Brady, Brown, Jerry Rice, and Lawrence Taylor. My argument for giving Johnny Unitas some consideration is he was so dominant in comparison to the other QB’s of his era. He was the man from 1957 through SB five. Colts won SB five. He was a pro bowler ten times, starting in 1957. And five time first team all pro. Three time NFL MVP. And three time champion. I’m not including 1968. Colts won the NFL championship. But lost the SB. If you include 1968, Unitas would be a four time champion.

Who do you like as top five all NFL?

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