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Report: Colts’ Morocco Brown ‘Traveled Almost Weekly’ to Evaluate New QB Anthony Richardson

The Colts left no stone unturned regarding their scouting evaluation of new quarterback Anthony Richardson, which was conducted almost weekly.

NFL: MAY 06 Colts Minicamp Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler (subscription), Indianapolis Colts chief personnel executive Morocco Brown “traveled almost weekly” to check on the progress of freshly drafted former Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson, who was just selected by the Horseshoe with the #4 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft:

“Richardson’s agent, Deiric Jackson, said (Morocco) Brown traveled to Florida almost weekly to check on Richardson’s progress,” writes Fowler.

Now, we already knew that Brown initially led the Colts’ heavy scouting efforts on Richardson, dating all the way back to this past August:

“I give our scouts credit now,” Ballard said during his ‘Day 1’ post-draft press conference on his scouting department’s thorough evaluation of Richardson. “You know Morocco Brown went in and like back in August, I’m getting these text messages from Morocco who’s at Florida practice saying, ‘You should see the show I’m watching on this practice field right now.’ So we have some awareness of who he was and what his talent level was a while ago.”

Brown is on record of calling Richardson, “A purple spotted unicorn, something you’re never going to see again,” so it sounds like it was ‘love at first sight’ in Gainesville, Florida, when he first made a scouting trip—and he was pretty well one of Richardson’s biggest supporters from the get-go.

We also know that Brown made at least a few trips to see Richardson down in the Sunshine State throughout the Gators’ past season. However, just how extensive those trips were is now being roughly revealed: almost weekly—which is an exhaustive evaluation by the Colts.

It’s clear that the Colts performed more than their due diligence on Richardson and rigorously vetted him regarding his mental makeup, character, performance, improvement, athleticism, work ethic, and practice habits—in the hopes that he can put it all together to become the Horseshoe’s next franchise QB.

While initial patience will be required, he very well could be in time. Just ask Brown.