Sunday Musings

First I need to remind folks I am one of the last folks to listen to when it comes to nuances of the game. Beside me Jeff Saturday is Head Coach of the year candidate.

But I see a couple of glaring needs - a veteran offensive lineman that can back-up a couple of positions. And a veteran cornerback that can provide a steady presence on the outside. It seems to me (what do I know) but the team could have serious issues at the guard and tackle - is the plan to hope that a rookie can hold down the RT spot and move Smith into guard? That gives you a 2nd year player and a rookie starting at tackles and question marks in case of injuries.

I understand the signing of the DE - adding another body with a modicum of success to rotate and keep fresh bodies battering away at the opposing QB. And I think there are a few current D-lineman who are at the end of their tenure. Potential does not keep you on the team after a few years.

Maybe the plan is to take another team's castoff after cutdown day. I would be more comfortable signing a veteran and seeing what you have thru training camp. You can hope to grab a body off of another teams practice squad but again that leaves little time to get them acclimated with team mates and a new defensive system and terminology.

Looking to sign another wide receiver seems like a luxury and the money could be spent on some of the outstanding question marks that the team has. I think CB talks about the trenches and has spent serious money on the o-line but seems blind to the problems if there is one weak link. I am not sure if he is listening to position coaches and they are telling him they can coach up the existing bodies to start/back-up but last year showed that doesn't always work. I know new coaches - new optimism - I would like to see a couple of gnarly veterans trying to extend their careers or a prove-it contract with a guy looking for one more big pay day.

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