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Projecting Michael Pittman Jr’s Next Contract

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Michael Pittman Jr. has been the top receiver on the Colts for the last 3 seasons and has established himself into a legitimate receiver with a great ceiling. He has performed even when the Colts have had less-than-stellar quarterback play (to put it nicely).

Contracts of Related Players

Christian Kirk — 4 years, 72M with 37M guaranteed (51.3%) — Signed in 2022

Amari Cooper — 5 years, 100M with 60M guaranteed (60%) — Signed in 2020

Diontae Johnson — 2 years, 36.7M with 27M guaranteed (73.5%) — Signed in 2022

DJ Moore — 3 years, 61.9M with 41.6M guaranteed (67.2%) — Signed in 2022

If we adjusted each contract for the salary cap inflation, then we would get a deal that would look like this:

4 years, 84.4M with 53.2M guaranteed (63%)

When looking at the stats, Pittman is most closely related to Kirk who sits around 19M per year. When Cooper signed his deal, he had more years of consistent elite play which is why he’s on the higher end of the contracts listed above.

Projecting the Contract

I will be weighting more heavily the contracts of Johnson, Moore and Kirk since statistically and age wise they compare better to Pittman Jr.

4 Years, $82,000,000 with $49,200,000 Guaranteed (60%)

This contract allows Anthony Richardson to have a good, young target to grow with and keeps him at a salary that good young top 20 receivers have been getting. The Colts are slowly building their receiving corps with day 2 selctions on Alec Pierce and Josh Downs, but the group will live and die with Pittman so keeping him for Richardson’s sake is crucial. The Colts should look to sign him to an extension as soon as possible since he is a core young player who will be a key offensive piece (at a very important position) for years to come. His future should not be questioned.