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Report: Colts RB Jonathan Taylor requests a trade after meeting with Jim Irsay

After meeting with Jim Irsay on Saturday, Jonathan Taylor and his camp clearly did not like the franchise’s answer on obtaining a new contract extension.

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor has officially requested a trade after meeting with team owner Jim Irsay on his private bus during Saturday’s training camp practice:

Obviously, this already bitter situation between the two sides, which has been aired out rather publicly—namely by Taylor’s representation recently (after Jim Irsay’s initial social media comments sparked tensions), went from bad to even worse this weekend.

Right now, we’re officially at rock bottom, folks.

While Irsay would not elaborate about all of the private details spoken between him and Taylor during their conversation on Saturday, he did note that his team is not planning on entering a contract extension with Taylor presently, and that he takes great pride in how his franchise treats its players.

It’s clear that in Taylor and his representation’s eyes, that answer wasn’t good enough.

It’s an incredibly unfortunate situation, and to be honest, both sides could’ve handled it better—especially by keeping it from being so personal and public, and behind closed doors.

Taylor is one of the Colts best players and unquestionably their top offensive playmaker right now when healthy—at least until Richardson may ultimately challenge for such a title.

The Colts assuredly need him in the fold during the next few years to aid in Richardson’s development and ease his transition to the pro level—especially as a rookie quarterback.

That being said, we’re past the point of hurt feelings, and it’s fair to question whether this relationship has finally been pushed beyond repair—and Taylor may be playing elsewhere as soon as this upcoming season via trade.

This contentious situation, which had been heading this way for a while, may have finally gone off the rails.