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Colts RB Jonathan Taylor refutes league sources of reported back pain

Colts running back Jonathan Taylor has clarified that he has never reported any back pain to team officials.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor took to Twitter or ‘X’ on Sunday to clarify that he has never reported back pain—and that such sources indicating as much are false:

This dramatic saga appears to only be continuing, as the contentious relationship between the disgruntled star running back and the Colts is seemingly only getting worse by the hour.

There was an earlier report on Sunday evening that the Colts were considering placing Taylor on the Non-Football Injury List because of a back injury he allegedly suffered when working out earlier this offseason.

Honestly, I’m not sure what happened between the end of the regular season and now, besides Taylor switching his representation (*and having ankle surgery), but it doesn’t necessarily appear he’s getting sound professional advice right now from his trusted camp:

With Taylor being under contract, the Colts have all the leverage here, and it doesn’t appear as though another running back needy suitor is willing to trade for Taylor and give up the required draft compensation and the lucrative multi-year contract extension he’s seeking at the present time—especially at his reported unreasonable requested price-point.

Despite Taylor and his camp’s recent extreme public displeasure over his contract situation, the outcome will very much likely remain the same regardless, so the only thing Taylor is hurting right now is his own league image and popularity among Colts fans.