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CBS Sports Ranks Colts as Having 14th Most ‘QB Turnover’ Over the Past Decade

Things have snowballed for the Colts since Andrew Luck’s abrupt retirement, but could their QB carousel finally end?

2012 NFL Draft - First Round Set Number: X154741 TK1 R4 F63

According to CBS Sports Cody Benjamin, the Indianapolis Colts have had the 14th most ‘QB turnover’ over the past decade with six starting quarterbacks during that same span:

14. Colts (6 QBs)

Starters: Andrew Luck (70), Jacoby Brissett (30), Carson Wentz (17), Philip Rivers (16), Matt Ryan (12), Matt Hasselbeck (8)

Obviously, that number would be a lot higher if you also counted the Scott Tolziens, Josh Freemans, Brian Hoyers, Sam Ehlingers, Nick Foleses, and whoever else made a start over the past ten years for Indianapolis. Fortunately, the limited criteria for this piece was that each counted starter had to start at least four games in a single season for their team.

It’s also worth noting that five other NFL franchises had as many starting quarterbacks as the Colts since 2013, so there were a number of teams tied with Indianapolis.

Still, this number is rather quite shocking (*if you had told someone even a few years ago), given that the Colts selected Andrew Luck #1 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft just a year earlier than 2013, and the resounding school of thought was that Indy would have a top franchise quarterback leading the Horseshoe for least the next fifteen years or so—if not even more.

Without reopening too many old wounds, Luck abruptly retired ahead of the 2019 season, citing injuries and continuous rehabilitation that had clearly taken his lifelong joy from the game of football, and the Colts have been on a never-ending quarterback carousel ever since—searching for a long-term answer, but so far to no such avail.

That’s clearly showed, as not only have the Colts struggled to replace #12, but the franchise continues to get progressively worse since his surprising retirement four years ago.

However, there is a ‘new hope’ in Indy, as top rookie quarterback prospect Anthony Richardson was selected with the 4th overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft and possesses all the physical tools, athleticism, and makeup to potentially be an elite quarterback at the NFL level—although yes, it will take some time, patience, and growing pains to work through.

Simply put, the Colts hope to put an end soon to this ongoing count for quite a while, entering the next decade—even if veteran Gardner Minshew has to initially start a few games in 2023 before Richardson finally takes over the starting reins as a rookie for good.