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Things I want to watch against the Bears

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Jackson and Hull to perform once again

At this point, no one knows what on earth is going to happen with All-Pro running back Jonathan Taylor. The Colts need all the leverage they can get in the contract negotiations, and after Zack Moss went down with a broken arm earlier in training camp it seemed like they lost all of it. RB1 Deon Jackson looked really good against the Bills, and Evan Hull was effective in short yardage situations. Another productive showing from the duo would perhaps help the franchise in their dispute with JT, and would make the Taylorless scenario not look as gloomy.

Some sort of competence from the offensive line

The Colts’ offensive line has not been having a good pre-season, and there have been more reports of struggles in the joint practices against the Bears. The Colts’ depth is not particularly exciting, as there are just no players at all with significant NFL experience other than the starters. I am not asking for 2020-21 level of play for the unit, all I am asking for is not a repeat of last year, where Matt Ryan and Nick Foles were almost killed, and it starts in preseason.

More flashes from Anthony Richardson

This applies to AR5’s entire rookie year, not just this game, but what I am looking for is flashes, signs that he has what it takes to lead this team for the foreseeable future. I am not expecting Richardson to come in and put up MVP numbers, and I am not even expecting him to be an average NFL quarterback this year. My prediction is that he will struggle, and he will make a lot of mistakes. He has under 15 starts under his belt since leaving high-school. Patience is key with Richardson.

Darius Rush and Jaylon Jones on the field most of the time

The Colts’ cornerback room is full of uncertainty right now, as all signs point to the area being the defense’s weak link next season. Darius Rush and Jaylon Jones, two Day 3 picks in this past draft are making a lot of noise, and Rush even got a pick six in the first preseason game against the Bills. As the Colts are so thin at cornerback, I would like the chance of watching what Rush and Jones are able to do, and for them to get some invaluable playing time ahead of what looks like another rough season for the team.

A perfect day from Gay

Highest contract for a kicker in free-agency even. That is the bar that Matt Gay has to live up to with the Colts, and while preseason does not count for anything, and it was in the complicated winds of Buffalo, Gay missed his first field goal attempt in a Colts’ uniform. Now playing at home, under the cozy roof of Lucas Oil Stadium, I expect an impeccable day from Gay, with all kicks going down right the middle. If I were Steichen I would try and get him to kick as much as possible in order to build some confidence for him.