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Is the duo of Chase/Higgins already better than Colts’ Harrison/Wayne?

Time really does fly. Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins have apparently already put up Hall of Fame receiving numbers.

NFL: AFC Wild Card Playoff-Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts Coach Reggie Wayne (still not sure if I am used to saying that yet, but I like it) took exception to a recent ranking of the top 11 wide receiver duos of all time posted by The 33rd Team:

Anytime a ranking of the top XYZ player or team is released, there is always going to be debate. Colts fans will gladly die on the hill that Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne are one of the best receiving duos of all time. This ranking, however, raises some eyebrows.

Here was the provided rationale for the ranking.

“The greatest wide receiver duos of all time mean just that...You may notice a slighting of more historic wide receiver duos. Simply put, modern receivers are facing bigger, stronger, faster defensive players and more sophisticated defensive schemes.”

According to Pro Football Reference, Harrison and Wayne rank 9th (14,580) and 10th (14,345) respectively in receiving yards all time and 5th (128) and 28th (82) in receiving touchdowns.

In comparison, Chase has 2,501 career receiving yards and 22 touchdowns, while Higgins comes in at 3,028 and 19 respectively.

I don’t agree with historic wide receiver duos get slighted due to bigger, faster, stronger defenses. With more restrictive holding and defenseless receiver penalties being instituted, the pendulum has drastically swung in the direction of offenses over the last few decades. DBs used to love taking the heads off receivers as they crossed over the middle. Now, they have to gently lay them on the ground.

Look, both Chase and Higgins are excellent players, and I would love to have either on the Colts. That is undeniable. To rank them ahead of Harrison and Wayne at this point in their careers is puzzling at best.

Go ahead and shrug your shoulders, Reggie. I am too.