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The Colts have given Jonathan Taylor permission to seek trade

Taylor and his agent are contacting other teams

NFL: AUG 01 Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Multiple insiders are reporting that the Indianapolis Colts and general manager Chris Ballard have given star running back Jonathan Taylor permission to seek a trade:

Reports have further said that the Colts asking price is steep but that there is interest from around the league. The issues beyond a stated “interest” then begin.

Taylor is coming off an injury plagued year, seemingly cannot pass a physical due to his surgically repaired ankle and reportedly wants a market setting contract from whatever team he will be playing for this season. All of this despite the fact that running backs have never been valued less from a contractual standpoint.

Time will tell how this shakes out but I have a hard time believing Jonathan Taylor and his agent are going to get the kinds of offers they are expecting.

Over the next few days speculation and rumors will run rampant on social media, so make sure to check your sources and stay tuned for the next episode of Days of our Lives any updates to the Jonathan Taylor saga.

At this point many Colts fans might feel ready to move on from a player who seems unwilling to get onboard with a new era of Colts football and for those fans (and any others who just might like to speculate) what kind of a return do you expect to see for a player like Jonathan Taylor, given all of the downsides and baggage the injured RB carries with him?


Stephen Holder is reporting that the Colts are seeking a first round pick or a collection of picks that equal the compensation of that of a first round pick.

So a team will have to give up the equivalent of a first round pick and $15-18 million per year for Jonathan Taylor, who will presumably, magically, be able to pass a physical once traded.